Daily Bulletin

Frederick Brewster School Bulletin for Monday, May 01, 2017

School and Community Flyers

Flyers and announcements for upcoming events sponsored by local community groups can be found on the links below.

Facebook: FACEBOOK

Community Flyers: COMMUNITY FLYERS

New Flyer Procedure

Flyers and notices can be accessed by going to Community Flyers on Google Drive or to the Regional School District 13 Facebook page.

Regional School District prides itself on being a strong community partner. We are happy to help publicize events and activities of interest to our staff and students. Flyers will be placed in a publicly-accessible Google Drive folder linked on our website and also posted prominently on the district Facebook page. Community groups wishing to submit a flyer for review and posting should prepare an electronic version (PDF format is preferable) and send it to flyers@rsd13.org. Flyers or announcements submitted via other means may not be distributed. Flyers will be reviewed and posted twice a month. Unfortunately, we cannot honor requests to re-distribute flyers or send out reminder notices.

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